Huckabee is America’s favorite “front porch” music and talk show, coming to you weekly from TBN’s famed Trinity Music City in Nashville. Hosted by former Arkansas governor and popular conservative commentator Mike Huckabee, the hour-long program is a down-home slice of wholesome Americana in all of its patriotic, God-honoring, and family-friendly glory. Each show features national and international newsmakers, iconic celebrities and music legends, and uplifting stories highlighting the goodness, faith, and down-home heroics of everyday individuals from across the nation. Along the way Gov. Mike offers his legendary take on what’s happening in Washington, DC and throughout the heart and soul of America.

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  • Huckabee | October 11, 2019

    Guests Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Mark Green, Jordan Sekulow, The Gatlin Brothers
    Mike Huckabee; News; Political Correctness; Government; Economy; Justice; Freedom; Author; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; The Gatlin Brothers, Americans, That's Who; HD-HCKB191012; 625456

  • Huckabee | October 4, 2019

    Guests John Delaney, Al & Lisa Robertson, Janine Turner, Sergey & Sasha, Anne Graham Lotz, and Louise Mandrell
    Mike Huckabee; Music; Politics; Government; Marriage; Honesty; Holy Spirit; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Blue-Grass; Louise Mandrell, Night Life; HD-HCKB191005; 6...

  • Huckabee | September 28, 2019

    Guests Jeanine Pirro, Bill Johnson, Paul Harris, Hoyt Tidwell, Bill Gaither & The Gaither Vocal Band
    Mike Huckabee; Bill Johnson; Bill Gaither; News; Political Correctness; Government; Personal Story; Testimony; Author; Singer/Songwriter; Comedy; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospe...

  • Huckabee | September 21, 2019

    Guests Robert Wilkie, Sean Spicer, Beth Scruggs, Greg Laurie, Christopher Metzler, Hillary Williams
    Mike Huckabee; News; Political Correctness; Government; Author; Testimony; Personal Story; Singer/Songwriter; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Hilary Williams, Beautiful Things;...

  • Huckabee | September 14, 2019

    Guests Andy Biggs, Edward Mosberg, Rebecca Friedrichs, Joe Saba, Cody Webb
    Mike Huckabee; News; Government; Politics; Author; Personal Story; Musician; Testimony; Comedy; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Cody Webb, She's Carolina; HD-HCKB190914; 604759

  • Huckabee | September 7, 2019

    Guests Todd Starnes, Frank Siller, Brad Trackman, Ami Horowitz, Darryl Worley
    Mike Huckabee; News; Government; Politics; Author; Personal Story; Comedy; Singer/Songwriter; Music; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Darryl Worley, Have You Forgotten; HD-HCKB190907; 599652

  • Huckabee | August 31st, 2019

    Arthur Brooks, Mike Fisher, Yael Eckstein, Crystal Gayle
    Mike Huckabee; Politics; Testimony; Personal Story; Music; Comedy; Artist/Artistic; Government; Culture; Political Correctness; Creation; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Crystal Gayle, You Don't Know Me; HD-HCKB190831; ...

  • Huckabee | August 24, 2019

    Guests Jaco Booyens, Cledus T. Judd, Kendrick Brothers, Michael & Lauren McAfee, Doyle Dykes
    Mike Huckabee; Israel; Human Trafficking; Movies/Film; Jesus; News; Government; Politics; Author; Musician; Personal Story; Comedy; Family & Variety; Acoustic/Folk; Doyle Dykes, Guitar Poor; HD-HCKB19...

  • Huckabee | August 10, 2019

    Guests Dennis Prager, David & Jackie Siegel, Christina Meredith, Mark Christopher Lawrence, T.G. Sheppard
    Huckabee; News; Politics; Government; Racism; Deception; Movies/Film; Musician; Author; Personal Story; Drugs; Comedy; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; T.G. Sheppard, I ...

  • Huckabee | August 3, 2019

    Guests Mike Pompeo, John C. Morgan, Remi Adeleke, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Jonathan Cain
    Mike Huckabee; News; Politics; Rebellion; Law; Israel; Terrorism; Respect; Comedy; Personal Story; Author; Fear; Testimony; Calling; Leadership; Excellence; Musician; Family & Variety; Jonathan Cain, More...

  • Huckabee | July 27, 2019

    Guests Lindsey Graham, Dennis Regan, Sheila Harper, Ken Harrison & Vance Day, Confederate Railroad
    Mike Huckabee; Politics; News; Music; Comedy; Abortion; Testimony; Men; Family & Variety; Hard Rock; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Confederate Railroad, Elvis an Andy; Iran; HD-HCKB190727; 55...

  • Huckabee | July 20, 2019

    Guests Dr. Emir Caner, Hanah Caner, Kim Kerley, Nick Vujicic, Travis Tritt, and Jimmy Wayne
    Mike Huckabee; Nick Vujicic; Comedy; Religion; Islam; Politics; Muslim; Theology; Salvation; Redemption; Socialism; Testimony; Disability; Music; John 3:16; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern G...

  • Huckabee | July 13, 2019

    Guests Ben Stein, Jemaine Wilson, Rocky Laporte, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Aaron Tippin
    Mike Huckabee; Comedy; Economy; Politics; Addiction; News; Family & Variety; R&B; Marilyn Mcoo & Billy Davis Jr, You Don't; HD-HCKB190713; 548568

  • Huckabee | July 6, 2019

    Guests Brent Bozell, Lt. Col. Scott Mann, Scott Volpe, Jeremy & Audrey Roloff, Aaron Watson, and Ben Price
    Huckabee; News; Comedy; Politics; Debt-Free; Author; Veterans; Actor/Actress; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Aaron Watson, Trying Like the Devil; HD-HCKB190706; 544649

  • Huckabee | June 29, 2019

    Guests Ryan Bomberger, Taya Kyle, Benham Brothers, Jeff Allen, Danny Gokey
    Mike Huckabee; Comedy; News; Political Correctness; Author; Singer/Songwriter; Abortion; Personal Story; Trials-Hard Times; Family & Variety; Contemporary Christian; Danny Gokey, Haven't Seen It Yet; HD-HCKB190629; 5...

  • Huckabee | June 22, 2019

    Guests Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Joe Baker, Ami Horowitz, Better Together, Chris Wineland, and Aaron Lewis
    Mike Huckabee; Laurie Crouch; News; Politics; Government; Media; Abortion; Community Outreach; Women; Television; Comedy; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Aaron Lewis, If...

  • Huckabee | June 15, 2019

    Guests Marsha Blackburn, Rose Simmons, Casey Diaz, Jennifer O'Neill, Wade Hayes
    Mike Huckabee; Drugs; News; Personal Story; Forgiveness; Comedy; Author; Actor/Actress; Politics; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Wade Hayes, Who Saved Who (Jack's Song); Jesus Christ; God; HD-H...

  • Huckabee | June 8, 2019

    Guests Karen Siegemind, David & Tamela Mann, Tom Cotter, James Robbins, Jeff Brodsky, Neal McCoy
    Mike Huckabee; Injustice; Author; Personal Story; News; Comedy; Parenting; Sexual Abuse; Government; Family & Variety; Jazz; Neal McCoy, Unforgettable; Sexuality; Marriage; Family; HD-HCKB190608...

  • Huckabee | June 1, 2019

    Guests Shannon Bream, Jim Gibson, Mark Robinson, Luis Palau, Rodney Atkins, Brian & Jenna Welch
    Mike Huckabee; Politics; Author; Personal Story; Testimony; Abortion; News; Comedy; Music; Family & Variety; Hard Rock; Brian Head Welch, Blind; Rodney Atkins, My Life; HD-HCKB190601; 516073

  • Huckabee | May 25, 2019

    Guests Mat Staver, Jay DeMarcus, Brady Pesola, James Gregory, Dukes of Hazzard
    Mike Huckabee; News; Politics; Government; Freedom; Law; Abortion; Personal Story; Author; Veterans; Community Outreach; Comedy; Television; Family & Variety; Holidays; Memorial Day; HD-HCKB190525; 512077

  • Huckabee | May 18, 2019

    Guests Sharyl Attkisson, Eddie George, Dave Haehn, Bob McEwen, and Steven Curtis Chapman
    Mike Huckabee; News; Media; Politics; Government; Actor/Actress; Personal Story; Athlete; Ministry; Socialism; Singer/Songwriter; Family & Variety; Blue-Grass; Steven Curtis Chapman, Dive; HD-HCKB190518...

  • Huckabee | May 11, 2019

    Guests John Bolton, Rosanne Barr, Eric Metaxas, Marc Mero, and Point of Grace
    Mike Huckabee; Eric Metaxas; News; Politics; Government; Bullying; Children; Family & Variety; Christian Music; Point of Grace, He Leadth Me; Teen Issues; Mother's Day; HD-HCKB190511R; 503686

  • Huckabee | May 4, 2019

    Guests Van Jones, Chonda Pierce, Ami Horowitz, Taylor Mason, Gene Ho, Darryl Worley
    Mike Huckabee; News; Media; Government; Politics; Crime; Redemption; Television; Culture; Movies/Film; Discrimination; Comedy; Author; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Darryl Worley, Do Somet...

  • Huckabee | April 27, 2019

    Guests Charlie Kirk, Pat Williams, Jackie Mason, Dr. Jack Graham, Nancy Alcorn, and Mallary Hope
    Mike Huckabee; News; Government; Politics; Freedom of speech; Leadership; Character; Comedy; Angels; Community Outreach; Sexual Abuse; Singer/Songwriter; Family & Variety; Country Music/Southern...