Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

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  • The Lost Tribes Part 2

    Discover remote Jewish communities and what many people miss about End-Time prophecy.;
    ;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Jewish History;Prophecy;Restoration;Hand of God;Israel;Isaiah 11:10-11;Romans 11:11;Religion,;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2002;696955

  • Lost Tribes Part 3

    Who are the Lost Tribes? Discover how they are relevant today.;
    ;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Israel;Jewish History;Prophecy;Word of God;Promises of God;Isaiah 11:11;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2003;699807

  • Adonai Nissi Part 2

    Speak the life and truth of God's Word and experience transformation.;
    Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Confession/Power of Words;Promises of God;Victory;Spiritual Warfare;Armor of God;Perseverance;Endurance;Exodus 17:13-14;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2004;711815