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New Resource Spotlight • 29m

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  • God's Hand on America

    America’s past is filled with countless, inspiring stories of sacrifice, but sadly many of our greatest heroes—and their extraordinary faith in God—are now hidden…deliberately erased from our history books.
    David Barton; American History; Grace; Restoration; Family & Variety; HD-OTO190601R; 5...

  • John Gray: Win from Within

    Discover how to win the inner struggle to overcome the worst versions of ourselves.
    Bil Cornelius; John Gray; Personal Story; Family; Savior; Lordship; Identity in Christ; Author; Family & Variety; Esau; Jacob; Isaac; HD-TFR190501; 501614

  • Faith Forward: Beyond Blessed

    So many of us struggle to reach our financial goals, but what if you could pay off that debt, save for the future, and turn your money into a tool that helps you bring joy, freedom, and blessings to the people around you?
    Robert Morris; Tom Newman; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Blessing; Fina...