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  • Praise

    Matt & Laurie Crouch Host Creflo & Taffi Dollar
    Healing; Salvation; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Creflo Dollar; Taffi Dollar; Grace; Addiction; Christianity; Church; Repentance; Prayer; Anointing; Faith; Testimony; Intimacy; Shame; Law; Galatians 5; John 6:29; Family & Variety; Faith; HD-P0913...

  • Praise | Karl & Jane Faase | September 12, 2019

    Tom Newman hosts Karl & Jane Faase
    Tom Newman; Karl Faase; Jane Faase; Personal Story; Testimony; Revival; Faith; Nations; Truth; Family & Variety; Ethiopia; HD-P091219; 602348

  • Praise | Robert Morris | September 9, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Robert Morris
    Blessings Prayer; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Robert Morris; Rest; Personal Story; Author; Blessing; Provision; Ten Commandments; Law; Tithing; Condemnation; Conviction; Family & Variety; Jesus Christ; HD-P090919; 599306

  • Praise | Jordan Rubin, Josh Axe, and Tom Newman | September 6, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch Host Jordan Ruben, Josh Axe, and Tom Newman
    Blessings Prayer; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Tom Newman; Health/Nutrition; Creation; Family & Variety; HD-P090619; 597806

  • Praise | Kathie Lee Gifford | September 5, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Kathie Lee Gifford
    Peace; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Personal Story; Testimony; Author; Actor/Actress; Religion; Relationships; Bible History; Word of God; Culture; Jewish Tradition; Philippians 4:13; Luke 2:4-5; Matthew 2:3-5; Deuteronomy 18:18; Luke 17:2; Family &...

  • Praise | Jonathan Cahn | September 3, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch Hosts Jonathan Cahn
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Jonathan Cahn; Revelation; Prophecy; Prayer; Relationship with God; Jubilee; End Times; Leviticus 25; Family & Variety; Amos; HD-P090319; 594545

  • Praise | Matt Crouch Hosts John Hagee and Erick Stakelbeck | August 30, 2019

    Matt Crouch with John Hagee, Erick Stakelbeck, Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Adviser John Bolton
    Matt Crouch; John Hagee; Erick Stakelbeck; Politics; Nations; Israel; Politics; Family & Variety; HD-P083019; 592965

  • Praise | Brian Tome | August 26, 2019

    Dr. Reverend Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesus hosts Pastor Brian Tome
    Blessings Prayer; Brian Tome; Wilfredo de Jesus; Personal Story; Culture; Spiritual Growth; Godly Man; Men; Maturity; Parenting; Marriage; 1 Corinthians 16:13-14; Family & Variety; HD-P082619; 588887

  • Praise | Priscilla Shirer and Alex & Stephen Kendrick | August 22, 2019

    Clifton Davis Host Priscilla Shirer and Alex & Stephen Kendrick
    Priscilla Shirer; Clifton Davis; Alex Kendrick; Testimony; Actor/Actress; Joy; Work; Prayer; Seek God; Purpose; Family & Variety; HD-P082219; 587561

  • Praise | Christine Caine and Lisa Harper | August 12, 2019

    Christine Caine hosts Propel Conference with Lisa Harper and music by Kari Jobe
    Blessings Prayer; Christine Caine; Lisa Harper; Women; Women in Ministry; Testimony; Parenting; Miracles; Prayer; lifestyle; Gospel; Communion; Hebrews 1:1-5; Hebrews 4:15-16; Hebrews 12:2; Family & Variety; Chr...

  • Praise | Roger Nielsen & CJ Orndorff | August 9, 2019

    Matt Crouch & Laurie Crouch host TBN 2nd Chance with Roger Nielsen & CJ Orndorff
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; David Barton; Roger Nielsen; CJ Orndorff; Prison Ministry; American History; Crime; Ministry; Love; Drugs; Alcohol; Testimony; Judgment; Matthew 25:34-40; Hebrews 13:3; Family & Vari...

  • Praise | Todd Dulaney and Jekalyn Carr | August 8, 2019

    Tye Tribbett hosts Todd Dulaney and Jekalyn Carr from Orlando, FL.
    Tye Tribbett; Todd Dulaney; Jekalyn Carr; Mind; perspective; Gospel; Culture; Thoughts - Positive; Thinking; Power of the Holy Spirit; Stress; Savior; Prayer; Testimony; Family & Variety; Gospel; Praise & Worship; Tye Tribbe...

  • Praise | Jordan Rubin | August 6, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Jordan Rubin in Nashville, TN.

    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Jordan Rubin; Health/Nutrition; Sickness; Healing; Faith; Testimony; Personal Story; Confession/Power of Words; Words we speak; Family & Variety; HD-P080619R; 562092

  • Praise | Erwin McManus at Mosaic Conference | August 5, 2019

    Erwin McManus at Mosaic Conference in Los Angeles

    Erwin McManus; Aaron McManus; Church; Broken heart; Restoration; New Beginning; Future; Hopelessness; Faith; Ezekiel 11:19; Ezekiel 36:36; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Mosaic MSC, Never Let Me Down; Mosaic MSC, Engraved ; Los Ange...

  • Praise | Anthony Evans | July 30, 2019

    David & Nicole Binion host Anthony Evans
    David Binion; Nicole Binion; Anthony Evans; Music; Praise; Testimony; Legacy; Artist/Artistic; Success; Kingdom of God; Psalm 100; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Gospel; Hymns; Anthony Evans, Do It Again; Anthony Evans, Raise a Hallelujah; Anth...

  • Praise | Joel & Victoria Osteen, Dodie Osteen, and Daniel Floyd | July 26, 2019

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Joel and Victoria Osteen
    Healing; Knowing God; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Joel Osteen; Victoria Osteen; Dodie Osteen; Legacy; Generations; Family; Faithfulness; Love; Ministry; Church; Hope; Purpose; Cancer; Testimony; Healing; Family & Variety; HD-P072619; 555706

  • Praise

    Javen hosts Brian “Head” Welch in Los Angeles, CA – Loud Krazy Love.
    Javen; Brian “Head” Welch; Testimony; Personal Story; Musician; Addiction; Anxiety; Depression; Overcoming; Family & Variety; HD-P072519; 554756

  • Praise | Mike Lindell and Michael Ellison | July 22, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Mike Lindell and Michael Ellison in Shakopee, MN – My Pillow #2
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Mike Lindell; Michael Ellison; Personal Story; Testimony; Business; Health/Nutrition; Television; Family & Variety; HD-P072219; 552753

  • Praise | LaVerne and Edith Tripp | July 19, 2019

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host LaVerne and Edith Tripp
    Salvation; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; LaVerne Tripp; Edith Tripp; Drugs; Ministry; Gospel; Musician; Testimony; Personal Story; Family & Variety; HD-P071919; 552485

  • Praise | Lisa Harper at Propel Conference | July 16, 2019

    Christine Caine hosts Lisa Harper at Propel Conference
    Lisa Harper; Christine Caine; Music; Personal Story; Comedy; Peer Pressure; Counsel; Discernment; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Contemporary Christian; Bethel, God I Look to You; Bethel, Reckless Love; HD-P071619R2; 549225

  • Praise | Maranda Curtis and Deitrick Haddon | July 15, 2019

    Tye Tribbett hosts Maranda Curtis and Deitrick Haddon
    Tye Tribbett; Maranda Curtis; Deitrick Haddon; Self Esteem; Self Image; Anointing; Freedom; Inspirational; Family & Variety; Music; Gospel; Christian Music; Tye Tribbett, No Other Choice; Maranda Curtis, You Deserve It; Maranda Curtis, ...

  • Praise | Babbie Mason, Point of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen | July 11, 2019

    Javen hosts Babbie Mason, Point of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen
    Babbie Mason; Point of Grace ; Javen ; Nicole C. Mullen; Worship; Praise; Women in Ministry; Women; Worth; Calling; Family & Variety; Music; Hymns; Contemporary Christian; Gospel; Praise & Worship; Javen, Amazing Grace; Babbie Ma...

  • Praise | Bill Johnson and Bethel Tech | July 9, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Ryan Collins, Nona Jones, Brendan Wovchko
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Bill Johnson; Kris Vallotton ; Ryan Collins; Nona Jones; Brendan Wovchko; Culture; Technology; Missions; Social Media; Education; Author; Matthew 13:33; Matthew 5:1...

  • Praise | Rich Wilkerson Jr. at the Zoe Conference | July 8, 2019

    Chad Veach hosts Rich Wilkerson Jr. at the Zoe Conference in Los Angeles, CA – Incubation Through Isolation
    Rich Wilkerson Jr.; Chad Veach; Rejection; Testing; Visions/Dreams; Loneliness; Perseverance; Miracles; Genesis 40:1-8; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Zoe Worship, Caught Air; Zo...