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  • Praise

    Matt & Laurie Crouch Host John Hagee
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; John Hagee; Israel; Bible History; Prophet/Prophets; Prophecy; Judaism; Kingdom of God; Unity; Freedom; Relationships; Family; War; Terrorism; Family & Variety; Moses; Abraham; HD-P051719; 507164

  • Praise | Eric Metaxas | 5/16/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Eric Metaxas
    Matt Crouch; Laruie Crouch; Eric Metaxas; Choices; Christ-Like; Passion; Theology; Bible; Humor; Jesus; Sacrifice; Kingdom of God; Love; Respect; Family & Variety; HD-P051619; 506447

  • Praise | U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Revisited | 5/14/19

    Matt Crouch hosts Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mayor Nir Barkat, Ambassador David Friedman, and Erick Stakelbeck.
    Matt Crouch; David Friedman; Erick Stakelbeck; Nir Barkat; Benjamin Netanyahu; Freedom; Bible History; Hope; Prophecy; Government; Judaism; Judgment; Israel; Faith; Law; F...

  • Praise | Mark Batterson | 5/13/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Mark Batterson at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Mark Batterson ; Destiny; Favor; Hope; Youth; Holy Spirit; Prayer; Faith; Ministry; Kingdom of God; Missions; Joshua 3; 2 Samuel 23; Family & Variety; Solomon; HD-P051319; 503885

  • Praise | The Clark Sisters | 5/10/19

    Javen hosts The Clark Sisters
    Jacky Clark-Chisholm; Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark-Terrell; Dorinda Clark-Cole; Karen Clark-Sheard; Javen; Singer/Songwriter; Mother; Personal Story; Musician; Music; Family & Variety; Holidays; Gospel; The Clark Sisters, Livin; The Clark Sisters, Miracle; Mother'...

  • Praise | Rev. Sam Rodriguez | 5/9/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Dr. Samuel Rodriguez
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Samuel Rodriguez; Hope; Faith; Breakthrough; Prayer; Joy; Salvation; Destiny; Relationships; Family; Marriage; Sexuality; Belief; John 5:7; Family & Variety; Family; HD-P050919; 502633

  • Praise | KJ Scriven, Fred Hammond and Commissioned | 5/6/19

    Tye Tribbett host KJ Scriven, Fred Hammond and Commissioned
    Tye Tribbett; KJ Scriven; Fred Hammond; Lust; Temptation; Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Family; Strength; Glory; Relationships; Love; Temptation; Trials-Hard Times; Gospel; Salvation; Worship; Family & Variety; Gospel; KJ Scriven, Lead...

  • Praise | Charles Mulli | 5/3/19

    Tom Newman hosts Charles Mulli
    Tom Newman; Charles Mulli; Charity; Hope; Health/Nutrition; Life; Poverty; Missionary; Power of the Holy Spirit; Born Again; Nature; Fruitful; Adoption; Family; Relationships; John 15:12; Family & Variety; HD-P050319; 499901

  • Praise | Robert Morris | 5/2/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Robert Morris
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Robert Morris; Blessing; Abundance; Fruitful; Generosity; Destiny; Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Money; Stewardship; Tithing; Family & Variety; HD-P050219; 499382

  • Praise | Joel & Victoria Osteen | 4/30/19

    Matt and Laurie Crouch Host Joel and Victoria Osteen
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Joel Osteen; Victoria Osteen; Struggle; Inspirational; Family; Joy; Love of God; Rejoice; Self Image; HD-P043019; 498155

  • Praise | Mike Lindell | 4/29/19

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Mike Lindell
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Mike Lindell; Redemption; Temptation; Gambling; Born Again; Accountability; Addiction; Family & Variety; HD-P042919; 497893

  • Praise | Jonathan Cahn and Ryan Mauro | 4/26/19

    Erick Stakelbeck hosts Jonathan Cahn and Ryan Mauro
    Erick Stakelbeck ; Jonathan Cahn; Ryan Mauro; Bible History; Second Coming; Israel; Judaism; Miracles; Prophecy; Family & Variety; Moses; HD-P042619; 495032

  • Praise | Bill Johnson & Bethel Tech | 4/23/19

    Matt Crouch hosts Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Ryan Collins from Bethel Tech and Facebook's Nona Jones.
    Matt Crouch; Bill Johnson; Kris Vallotton; Ryan Collins; Nona Jones; Work; Politics; Serving; Influence; Wisdom; Value; Technology; Education; Matthew 3:33; Family & Variety; HD-P042319R...

  • Praise | Mark Biltz, Bill Cloud & Jonathan Cahn | 4/22/19

    Perry Stone hosts Mark Biltz, Bill Cloud, and Jonathan Cahn
    Perry Stone; Bill Cloud; Mark Blitz; Jonathan Cahn; End Times; Law; Abortion; Second Coming; Church History; Prophecy; Morals; Servant of God; Family & Variety; Daniel; HD-P042219; 492827

  • Praise | Kathie Lee Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen | 4/18/19

    Javen hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Nicole C. Mullen.
    Javen; Nicole C. Mullen; Kathie Lee Gifford; Movies/Film; Israel; Gospel; Presence of God; Bible History; Heart; Repentance; Purpose; Family & Variety; Gospel; Nicole C. Mullen, I Know My Redeemer Lives; Nicole C. Mullen, The God Who Sees...

  • Praise | “Better Together” Overcoming Fear | 4/16/19

    Laurie Crouch, Holly Wagner, and Lisa Bevere talk Overcoming Fear—a powerful conversation aimed at your freedom! Our last preview of Better Together premiering April 22, 2019! TBN Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000
    Laurie Crouch ; Holly Wagner ; Lisa Bevere ; Dr Linda Mintle; Victoria Osteen ; Bi...

  • Praise | Hezekiah Walker and Todd Galberth | 4/12/19

    Tye Tribbett hosts Hezekiah Walker and Todd Galberth
    Tye Tribbett; Todd Galberth; Hezekiah Walker; Personal Story; Singer/Songwriter; Praise; Music; Gospel; Family & Variety; Music; Praise & Worship; R&B; Todd Galberth, Lord You Are Good; Hezekiah Walker, Souled Out; Hezekiah Walker, Won't ...

  • Praise | “Better Together” Overcoming Crisis | 4/11/19

    Where is God when bad things happen to good people? If you are facing a big storm in your life, this program is for you! Laurie Crouch, Victoria Osteen, and Christine Caine discuss how we overcome crisis. TBN Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000
    Laurie Crouch; Victoria Osteen; Christine Caine; Linda...

  • Praise | Jordan Rubin & Dr. Josh Axe | 4/9/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch with Tom Newman host Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Tom Newman; Jordan Rubin; Josh Axe; Health/Nutrition; Healing; lifestyle; Physical health; Diet; Family & Variety; HD-P040919R; 472080

  • Praise | Beth Moore | 4/8/19

    Laurie Crouch and Victoria Osteen host Beth Moore.
    Laurie Crouch; Victoria Osteen; Beth Moore; Mother; Parenting; Children; Personal Story; Author; Faith; Authentic; Family & Variety; HD-P040819; 471257

  • Praise | “Better Together” Mentoring | 4/5/19

    Powerful previews of Better Together continue with Laurie Crouch, Lisa Bevere, and Holly Wagner talking about why mentoring matters. TBN Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000
    Lauie Crouch; Lisa Bevere; Holly Wagner; Alicia Britt Chole; Lisa Harper; Noemi Chavez; DeeDee Freeman; Leaders; Mentor; Mento...

  • Praise | Erwin McManus | 4/4/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Erwin McManus.
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Erwin McManus; Wisdom; Cancer; Healing; Peace; Purpose; Bitterness; Social Media; Strength; Unity; Family & Variety; HD-P040419; 469527

  • Praise | Joel & Victoria Osteen | 4/2/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Joel and Victoria Osteen.
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Joel Osteen; Victoria Osteen; Gifting/Talent; Purpose; Thoughts - Positive; Overcoming; Promises of God; Faith; Determination; Author; Family & Variety; HD-P040219; 468262

  • Praise | Mike Rowe & Peggy Rowe | 4/1/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Mike Rowe and Author Peggy Rowe.
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Matt Rowe; Peggy Rowe; Parenting; Mother; Personal Story; Author; Church; Family & Variety; Mother's Day; HD-P040119; 467937