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  • Praise | Lisa Harper at Propel Conference | July 16, 2019

    Christine Caine hosts Lisa Harper at Propel Conference
    Lisa Harper; Christine Caine; Music; Personal Story; Comedy; Peer Pressure; Counsel; Discernment; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Contemporary Christian; Bethel, God I Look to You; Bethel, Reckless Love; HD-P071619R2; 549225

  • Praise | Maranda Curtis and Deitrick Haddon | July 15, 2019

    Tye Tribbett hosts Maranda Curtis and Deitrick Haddon
    Tye Tribbett; Maranda Curtis; Deitrick Haddon; Self Esteem; Self Image; Anointing; Freedom; Inspirational; Family & Variety; Music; Gospel; Christian Music; Tye Tribbett, No Other Choice; Maranda Curtis, You Deserve It; Maranda Curtis, ...

  • Praise | Babbie Mason, Point of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen | July 11, 2019

    Javen hosts Babbie Mason, Point of Grace and Nicole C. Mullen
    Babbie Mason; Point of Grace ; Javen ; Nicole C. Mullen; Worship; Praise; Women in Ministry; Women; Worth; Calling; Family & Variety; Music; Hymns; Contemporary Christian; Gospel; Praise & Worship; Javen, Amazing Grace; Babbie Ma...

  • Praise | Bill Johnson and Bethel Tech | July 9, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Ryan Collins, Nona Jones, Brendan Wovchko
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Bill Johnson; Kris Vallotton ; Ryan Collins; Nona Jones; Brendan Wovchko; Culture; Technology; Missions; Social Media; Education; Author; Matthew 13:33; Matthew 5:1...

  • Praise | Rich Wilkerson Jr. at the Zoe Conference | July 8, 2019

    Chad Veach hosts Rich Wilkerson Jr. at the Zoe Conference in Los Angeles, CA – Incubation Through Isolation
    Rich Wilkerson Jr.; Chad Veach; Rejection; Testing; Visions/Dreams; Loneliness; Perseverance; Miracles; Genesis 40:1-8; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; Zoe Worship, Caught Air; Zo...

  • Praise | John Gray at the Zoe Conference | July 5, 2019

    John Gray at the Zoe Conference
    John Gray; Chad Veach; Worship; Praise; Glory; Authentic; Inspirational; Goodness; Obedience; John 12:20-28; Family & Variety; Los Angeles; HD-P070519; 542735

  • Praise | Mr. T, Choco de Jesus, Smokie Norful, and Clifton Davis | July 12, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Wilfredo De Jesus, Clifton Davis, Smokie Norful and Mr. T with music from Smokie Norful.
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Wilfredo De Jesus; Clifton Davis; Smokie Norful; Author; TBN History; Actor/Actress; Testimony; Jesus; Identity in Christ; Freedom; Obedience; Faith...

  • Praise | Bishop Kenneth Ulmer | July 2, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Bishop Kenneth Ulmer
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Kenneth Ulmer; Author; Personal Story; Responsibility; Leadership; Visions/Dreams; Community Outreach; Family & Variety; Moses; Joshua; HD-P070219; 542210

  • Praise | Jason Crabb Danny Gokey, Jekalyn Carr and Avalon | July 1, 2019

    Jason Crabb hosts Danny Gokey, Jekalyn Carr and Avalon
    Jason Crabb; Danny Gokey; Jekalyn Carr; Avalon; Singer/Songwriter; Overcoming; Blessing; Worship; Author; Hope; Family & Variety; Music; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Christian Music; Jason Crabb, Expect the Unexpected; Danny Gokey, Ne...

  • Praise | Shawn Bolz | June 25, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Shawn Bolz in Los Angeles, CA
    Shawn Bolz; Matt Crocuh; Laurie Crouch; Prophecy; Prayer; Author; Breakthrough; Supernatural; Family & Variety; HD-P062519; 538218

  • Praise | Joel & Victoria Osteen, & Tyler Perry | June 24, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Joel & Victoria Osteen and Tyler Perry.
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Tyler Perry; Joel Osteen; Victoria Osteen; Testimony; Actor/Actress; Struggle; Abuse; Forgiveness; Faithfulness; Author; Trust God; Prayer; Favor; Negative Thoughts; Trials-Hard Times; Movies/Film...

  • Praise | Greg & Janna Long, & Jonathan Nelson | June 21, 2019

    David & Nicole Binion host Greg & Janna Long, and Jonathan Nelson
    David Binion; Nicole Binion; Greg Long; Janna Long; Jonathan Nelson; Praise; Worship; Artist/Artistic; Musician; Music; Relationship with God; Seek God; Obedience; Sacrifice; Voice of God; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; ...

  • Praise | Les & Leslie Parrott | June 20, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Les & Leslie Parrott
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Leslie Parrott; Les Parrott; Love; Relationships; Self Image; Author; Personal Story; perspective; Family & Variety; Marriage; HD-P062019R3; 536030

  • Praise | Trent Shelton | June 18, 2019

    Clifton Davis hosts Trent Shelton
    Clifton Davis; Author; Purpose; Personal Story; Athlete; Actor/Actress; Singer/Songwriter; Family & Variety; HD-P061819; 532880

  • Praise | Jonathan Butler, Peter Wilson, & Todd Dulaney | 6/14/19

    Javen hosts Jonathan Butler, Peter Wilson, & Todd Dulaney
    Javen; Jonathan Butler; Peter Wilson; Todd Dulaney; Father; Abba; Family; Relationships; Parenting; Children; Music; Worship; Holy Spirit; Authentic; Blessing; Family & Variety; Jonathan Butler, "I Am That I Am"; Jonathan Butler, "Fa...

  • Praise | Robert Jeffress | 6/10/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Dr. Robert Jeffress
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Robert Jeffress; Disobedience; Supernatural; Choices; Plan; Success; Passion; Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Family & Variety; Elijah; HD-P061019; 520220

  • Praise | Dennis Prager | 6/7/19

    Dennis Prager hosts his radio program from the Holy Land Experience.
    Dennis Prager; Author; Theology; Trials-Hard Times; Endurance; Jealousy; Jewish Tradition; Death; Genesis 4; Family & Variety; Jonah; Adam; Eve; HD-P060719; 518651

  • Praise | John Hagee | 6/4/19

    Erick Stakelbeck hosts John Hagee
    Erick Stakelbeck; John Hagee; Mike Huckabee; Bible; Bible History; Messiah; Justice; Righteousness; Hope; Kingdom of God; Prosperity; Israel; Family & Variety; Abraham; Jesus Christ; P060419R; 517115

  • Praise | Louie Giglio | 6/3/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Louie Giglio
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Louie Giglio; Father; Abba; Blessing; Pain; Hurting; Forgiveness; Divorce; Sovereignty; Family; Healing; Future; Heavenly Father; Sin; Calvary; Family & Variety; Jesus Christ; HD-P060319; 516237

  • Praise | Steven Curtis Chapman | 5/31/19

    Jason Crabb Host Steven Curtis Chapman, Herb, Sr.; Herb, Jr;
    Jason Crabb; Steven Curtis Chapman; Herb Chapman Senior; Herb Chapman Jr; Family; Relationships; Music; Gospel; Holy Spirit; Favor; Singer/Songwriter; Family & Variety; Christian Music; Gospel; Blue-Grass; Jason Crabb,Washed By Th...

  • Praise | Ted DiBiase | 5/28/19

    Bobby Schuller hosts Ted DiBiase.
    Salvation; Bobby Schuller; Ted DiBiase; Redemption; Personal Story; Testimony; Family; Selfishness; Forgiveness; Hope; Family & Variety; God; Marriage; Family; Los Angeles; HD-P052819R; 512604

  • Praise | Dave Roever | 5/24/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Dave Roever.
    Salvation; Matt Crouch; Dave Roever; Laurie Crouch; Belief; Miracles; Personal Story; Spiritual Warfare; Identity in Christ; Faith; Hope; Suicide; Testimony; Passion; Philippians 1:20; Family & Variety; Jesus Christ; Vietnam; HD-P052419; 512094

  • Praise | David & Nicole Binion hosts VaShawn Mitchell | 5/21/19

    David & Nicole Binion hosts VaShawn Mitchell, Brian Courtney Wilson & Casey J.
    David Binion; Nicole Binion; Vashawn Mitchell; Brian Courtney Wilson; Casey J; Nicole Binion; Family & Variety; VaShawn Mitchell , Joy; David & Nicole Binion, All Creation; Bryan Courtney Wilson, Increase My Fait...

  • Praise | Robert Morris | 5/20/19

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Robert Morris
    Matt Crouch; Abundance; Charity; Money; Stewardship; Tithing; Charity; Giving; Restoration; Prayer; lifestyle; Laurie Crouch; Robert Morris; Family & Variety; HD-P052019; 508870